‘Weightless’eatery opens

                            2019-03-08 01:20:04 GMT2019-03-08 09:20:04(Beijing Time) Sina English

                            THE first “weightless restaurant,” named Spacelab, was unveiled recently in Bao’an District, according to the Southern Metropolis Daily.

                            The so-called weightless restaurant actually refers to the technology used in the store which enables food to be delivered to the table via double spiral tracks hanging from the ceiling. The restaurant holds eight patents for the technologies they use in the store, the report said.

                            According to the reporter with the Daily, three food delivery tracks extend as long as 150 meters and each delivery takes 17 seconds. Customers use tablets to order.

                            The idea of delivering food on tracks has been practiced by the supermarket Hemaxiansheng, also known as Hema Fresh, under Alibaba Group. However, the tracks in Spacelab are much more complicated than they look, as there are 20 tracks in total with the highest one reaching 12 meters.

                            In order to ensure customers sitting nearby get the food they ordered, the restaurant uses food boxes of three different colors, namely pink, yellow and blue. Customers can pick their food according to the color of the box. The name of the food is also on each box, staff at the restaurant said. ??(Wang Jingli/Shenzhen Daily)

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